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We hope you enjoy the following local links where you can learn more about Essex, Massachusetts and the Cape Ann area. The beauty of the landscape inspires many of the artisans we feature at Sea Meadow Gifts and Garden Shop.

Escape to Essex Massachusetts
Learn more about our town's many restaurants and attractions. Come visit our shop and spend the day in historic Essex - known for its history of wooden shipbuilding, antique shops, waterfront dining, river cruises and more!
Cape Ann Massachusetts CapeAnnVacations.com
 Essex is one of 4 towns that comprise Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Click to learn about this beautiful coastline north of Boston - "Massachusetts' Other Cape"!
Essex County Greenbelt Association
 The Essex County Greenbelt Association is a nonprofit land trust that has conserved nearly 14,000 acres of land in Essex County. Greenbelt works with local communities and landowners to acquire and protect ecological areas, farmland and scenic vistas. A portion of our own TownWear™ tees and sweatshirts is donated to the Greenbelt's Essex properties with each purchase.
Essex River Cruises and Charters EssexCruises.com
 Just a few short distance from Sea Meadow Gift and Garden Shop...Essex River Cruises and Charters offers informative narrated daily cruises from May - October. Discover the beauty and heritage of Essex, Massachusetts and the Great Marsh, while cruising the pristine sheltered waters of the Essex River. 
Essex River Cruises and Charters
 Whale watching in Massachusetts is undoubtedly some of the finest whale watching in the world. On a 7 Seas Whale Watch, see Humpback whales, Finback whales, Right whales, Minke whales, and other whale and dolphin species that we may encounter. An experienced marine biologist on every cruise provides insight into the lives of the great whales and the whale behaviors you observe.

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